Through collaboration based on a genuine openness between colleagues, generosity of spirit and shared moral purpose, we will deliver the best experiences and outcomes for young people and staff within the alliance.

How will we achieve this?
Our vibrant communities will develop an outward facing alliance, which attracts the very best staff, where honesty, trust and shared moral purpose enable everyone to succeed.
By providing high quality, innovative CPD and leadership development to ensure excellent practice is shared to enable all schools to develop together.
Through robust evaluation and continual development of our practice across the Alliance, we will ensure all children secure excellent personal and educational outcomes.


  • Recruit and train high quality entrants to the teaching profession and into the alliance
  • Provide trainee teachers with the highest quality of teacher training
  • Identify and deploy expertise across the alliance to facilitate and deliver training and support in various settings and contexts
  • Develop capacity to improve teaching and learning across the alliance
  • Promote the development of leadership skills within and beyond the alliance to secure the development and appointment of new leaders within schools