A family of academies working together in offering the communities we serve excellent educational experiences, so that every child within the Trust can flourish. 

This will be achieved by;

  • Ensuring high quality leadership in all of our academies.
  • Enabling all of our pupils and staff to succeed by understanding their individual needs
  • Celebrating the similarities and uniqueness of each of our academies in terms of their ethos and values.
  • Excellent pastoral care and opportunities for personal development for our pupils
  • Valuing staff through high quality CPD opportunities and providing positive working environments.
  • Excellent relationships across the trust through working closely with parents and the wider community
  • Managing resources well to deliver high quality provision.
  • Effective relationships with key partners, including Local Authorities, Diocesan links and Teaching School affiliates.
  • Preparing children for key transitions in their education.

In order to ensure all pupils can flourish and families feel supported we have developed the following aims;

Ensure effective collaboration between all academies within the MAT and wider local partnerships 

Maintain effective communication to ensure clarity of purpose, vision and provision for all stakeholders.

A curriculum designed to meet the needs of every pupil from 3-16 within the Trust and based on the expectation that all pupils should experience a wide range of subjects and wider experiences to help them develop and flourish.

To promote creativity within every classroom and across the wider Trust to ensure that pupils and staff thrive in a stimulating environment

Ethical leadership will ensure that all school leaders operate with integrity within a framework of decision making promoting fairness, compassion, understanding and equity

Curriculum planning and wider school experiences will promote enjoyment and positive outcomes for all.

Our Trust will seek to be financially efficient so that pupils and staff benefit from high quality resources and experiences to support them in their learning or wider development.

Shires MAT will provide safe, secure and inclusive learning environment for every pupil so that they can flourish.

Inspirational teachers, support staff, governors and school leaders will ignite passions and develop talents in our pupils to help them become confident, resilient youngsters.

As well as the aims above we work hard to promote a common language surrounding the values we seek all members of our community to demonstrate.

  • Embrace Creativity
  • Work and interact with Integrity¬†
  • Promote Fairness
  • Develop Self-belief and self-confidence
  • Be ambitious for themselves and others.
  • Understand the importance of Wellbeing
  • Exhibit Curiosity
  • Develop and demonstrate Resilience
  • Model Selflessness and Compassion

In order to achieve these aims and deliver the Trust Vision it is essential that governance within the Trust is highly effective. We strive to ensure communication between the layers of governance enhances the provision within academies and maintains excellence.