• Nurture – Feeling valued by others for who you are so you can build up personal confidences and step into challenges.
  • Equity – Understanding that no-one is born successful, but we are all capable of flourishing as individuals at any age, given the right opportunities, support and challenge, within an inclusive environment.
  • Service – Helping others and being a positive member of society and your community bringing its own innate rewards.
  • Wisdom – Acquiring knowledge and skills to thrive academically and personally, leading to fulfilment.

Shires MAT offers excellent educational experiences, guiding with purpose, so everyone can flourish and make the most of the opportunities collaboration brings.

This will be achieved by ensuring high quality leadership across the Trust

We use a compass to symbolise this guided journey. The word compass comes from the Latin phrases Com and Passus meaning ‘together’ and ‘walk/pace’. Through our Trust values of Nurture, Equity, Service and Wisdom, everyone has opportunities to develop interests and passions within a safe environment, in a direction they choose.

Our Shires MAT logo incorporates an Oak tree as a symbol of longevity and resilience, connecting the past to what we all do now and our plans for the future. Shires MAT is a community where we all understand the high standards we set for ourselves and how we can demonstrate our Trust values.

Each school within the Trust understands this vision and works closely with the MAT to ensure the values, experiences and high expectations permeate their culture. Each school has taken time to understand its connection with the past and how this inspires and shapes the current provision within and beyond classrooms. As a result of this connectedness within and between schools in the Shires MAT pupils experience a breadth of opportunities to develop skills and knowledge.

We are committed to ensuring that pupils, staff, parents and wider society benefit from the collective provision within the MAT, beyond what might normally be provided by one school.

Benefits of the MAT approach

How do pupils benefit?
Pupils receive high quality learning experiences supported by collaborative CPD opportunities for staff across the Trust. Pupils have wider opportunities to engage in a range of Trust activities with pupils from other schools. Examples include sporting and musical events and curriculum consistency in agreed areas.

How do staff benefit?
Staff have more opportunities to engage in collaborative CPD and benefit from Trust provision. The Trust provides leadership development programmes, wider roles and responsibilities and development opportunities to help staff progress in their practice. We also provide a suite of benefits to support a positive and supportive working environment.

How do families benefit?
Families are reassured that every school within the Trust is supported by a central team to ensure high quality provision, assurance around safeguarding and SEND provision and through communication and assessment systems established within the Trust. Families also have opportunities to support their child in wider participation with cross Trust events.

How does society benefit?
We support pupils in developing their character and understanding the importance of service. As our young people grow and develop in the world, they will demonstrate those strong character traits and add value to their communities and beyond.