Shires Teaching School Alliance

“Teaching schools are outstanding schools that work with others to provide high-quality training and development to new and experienced school staff. They are part of the government’s plan to give schools a central role in raising standards by developing a self-improving and sustainable school-led system.”

Department for Education, March 2016

The Shires Teaching School Alliance consists of comprehensive secondary, selective secondary, primary and special schools along with universities and colleges from across Warwickshire and Worcestershire. 

Why work as an Alliance of educational establishments?

Teaching School Alliances are key to driving forwards educational change nationally.

Within Alliances, schools are able to research, share and learn from each other to provide the highest quality leadership and teaching development to impact positively on pupils’ life chances.

Teaching Schools represent a shift from a local authority driven system to one that is school-led, where alliances can both lead change and be instrumental in steering national educational priorities.  


Through collaboration based on a genuine openness between colleagues, generosity of spirit and shared moral purpose, we will deliver the best experiences and outcomes for young people and staff within the alliance.

How will we achieve this?

Our vibrant communities will develop an outward facing alliance, which attracts the very best staff, where honesty, trust and shared moral purpose enable everyone to succeed.

By providing high quality, innovative CPD and leadership development to ensure excellent practice is shared to enable all schools to develop together.

Through robust evaluation and continual development of our practice across the Alliance, we will ensure all children secure excellent personal and educational outcomes.

To find out more, contact the teaching school or for any teacher training or teacher development queries please email [email protected]

Amy Page is Assistant Head, in charge of Initial teacher Training:

I have been involved in Initial Teacher Training for several years and passionately believe that all children deserve to be taught by the very best practitioners. I also firmly believe that teacher training should give trainees the skills, opportunity and experience to develop into exceptional practitioners with sustainable careers. Working within the Shires Alliance offers so much potential for trainee teachers. Not only are all our schools good or outstanding, but they offer a huge range of expertise. Teaching is the most career for me. Every day is different. The feeling of helping a pupil learn and make progress is second to none. Teachers have such an impact on young people; helping them shape the future adult they will become.


Anna Ingram, Deputy at North Bromsgrove School, facilitates the NPQ programmes for Shires TSA:

“The Shires TSA is a wonderful opportunity for schools within Warwickshire and Worcestershire to collaborate, consolidate and improve outcomes for pupils within individual contexts. This is delivered by maintaining a culture of trust, openness and a desire to strive to succeed. Shires TSA delivers on three focus areas: Professional Development; ITT and School to School Support. All three are integral to an institution recruiting and retaining the best colleagues in the profession; organic growth of leaders and sharing best practice.